Hampton Avenue Newsletter

June 2018
It's been a long time since this website has been updated, but suffice it to say, Hampton Avenue has been very busy lately as The Sing Vocal Arts Festival  unleashed and showcased a wonderful assortment of vocal talent in Toronto in May of this year.
Nathan Phillips Square
On May 14th, on a fine day, Hampton Avenue teamed up with The Ault Sisters, and did a noon-hour concert, full of zesty songs and arrangements, including music by Leonard Bernstein.  This concert was under the auspices of Sing, and it was a lot of fun for all of us - great weather, great sound support and fine singing by all.
Amanda Ault, Alanna Ault, Alicia Ault, Dylan Bell, Suba Sankaran, Tom Lillington, Debbie Fleming
Sing! Swings Berstein and More!!!  Jazz Bistro
On May 24th, Hampton Avenue was a featured act in the Concert at the Jazz Bistro entitled Sing! Swings Bernstein and More!!  This fantastic evening of A cappella music featured The Ault Sisters, Hampton Avenue and The Watch - hosted by Micah Barnes.   Songs by Leonard Bernstein were flowing like nectar, as each act did their thing, and highlights of the evening were America, with Hampton Avenue and The Aults teaming up with an arrangement by Debbie Fleming, and the finale - Everybody Sing, another Fleming original, sung together by all of the great singers of the evening.
Hampton Avenue is proud that two of our members - Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell are now artistic directors of the The Sing vocal Arts Festival, and under their guidance, this fine festival is growing in leaps and bounds and inspiration.
There will be more concerts during the year sponsored by The Sing Vocal Arts Festival - in which Hampton Avenue is involved - the next one being in affiliation with Beaches Jazz Festival on July 22nd.  Check for deets in our Upcoming  page.
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 13 - 18th, 2018
Hampton Avenue is very excited to be part of the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the largest arts festival in the world!
We will be appearing at The Space Triplex (Venue #38) at 2:40 pm, doing a 40 minute show of our songs every afternoon from Aug. 13 - 18th.
We are so looking forward to being together, having a good hang and a few good rehearsals.  
It's going to be great - after all we're like family,  having sung together now for 23 years.  If you're in Edinburgh, come and see us - Hampton Avenue at Fringe